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A road trip to Skuzzle Motorsport

In January 2015 I did a 400+ mile round trip to visit Nick at Skuzzle Motorsport. Although Law did an incredible job road mapping,there were a few areas that needed ironing out. Nick worked his magic and within half a day the car was done!

End of Season Over Haul

By this point the car show season had finished and the car was ready to under-go some winter surgery. The car got dropped off at H&S Performance and the engine was pulled out. The car was then dropped off at AutoDoc Bodyshop for the main

Shows,Shows and Shows!

Next was Japfest 2 at Donington. Nutz and Combustion Punks held a memorial send off for Tattoo-Ron,and I was asked to park at the front to help represent The following weekend I was down south at North Weald Air Field for the RPM Live Show

The Monster gets some new shoes

A few days leading upto the next Show I ordered some new wheels. This time in form of Rota RKR 15x8j ET0 and 15x9j ET0. Luckily when the car was resprayed I got them to re-roll and flare the arches. The rears needed a lot of

Garage Vary landed!

If your a member of the Nutz forum you may recall a topic about being scammed by James Sommerin of Miata Speed Shop in Cornwall. This nasty ‘human being’ (if you can call him that) scammed me of almost ¬£300 for a replica Garage Vary