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Jass Performance,GarageStar and Sunsets!

Jass Performance Stainless NB Heater Controls Cover Garage Star / Circuit Sport Expansion Tank (looks tiny compared to the OEM tank) Did a quick photoshoot at night,pretty pleased with the outcome

Jass Performance Flush Lights

Jass Performance have been developing their flush headlights for awhile now. Yesterday i received the first set off the production line and fitted them to the Monster. Fitment still needs tweaking on the corners. Please bare in mind my bonnet and bumper are FRP and the

HKS Inspired Livery

Y’know when you get an idea in your head,and you can’t tell if its going to be a good or bad idea…well…that may have happened. Every year it seems i do something drastic with the car and its always a risk. I’ve had an idea

Local Meet

A local club had organised a meet at a retail park on the outskirts of Norwich. There was quite a variety of cars,but the keen eye will notice there was a high Japanese presence (that can’t be bad,can it?) The police popped in throughout the

RX7 FD3S Splitter Fitted & More!

Abit of an update Went to the Spring Performance Action Day at Castle Combe Went to Japfest at Silverstone a couple of weekends ago Last year i was approached by a big UK Car Magazine. We’ve had to cancel the photoshoot 3 times due to

Body Work Repairs

The past 4 and bit weeks the car has been back at the bodyshop having repairs done Mazdaspeed bumper repaired and repainted Front wide arches/flares removed New wide arches/flares painted and fitted Wings/fenders painted Driver side rear wide arch/flare repaired Bonnet hinge replaced I’m also

Over Night Parts From Japan

The past month its been abit of an Import theme Initial D Vol 1 book Hyper REVs the first 4 issues for the NA/NB MX5   (Another) Dcuatro Light Cover       And my latest purchase,this will be kept a secret for alittle while

Family Portrait

It was that time of year where my local car club organise a charity meet raising money for Big C Cancer and to remember our good friend Mark. Weather held out and we filled the car park again,raising ¬£1161 on the night   The other

Jass Items & Car cleaned

Fitted a front Stainless Tow Hook from Jass Performance along with their new Interior Mirror and retro style oil cap. I also fixed the broken side light on one of the TSIs. While the bumper was off i refitted my HIDs as the current bulbs