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More Mazdaspeed….Ooops!

Having contact with Dan at JDMparts is a reeeeally bad thing,especially for my bank account! I asked Dan to get me a Parts Catalog,again it came over with zero issues The Mazdaspeed obsession continued when I stumbled across a damaged A-Spec Type 1 bumper only a

Mazdaspeed Mazdaspeed Mazdaspeed!

Browsing through the interweb looking at stuff when i get a notification pop up saying JDMParts.rupewrecht had posted an item. Followed the link and it was a Mazdaspeed Trap Timer. I’ve only seen a handful of photos of this device and i missed out on one that

Silver MX5 Gets Repaired!

So the day after JAE myself and the other half started to strip the Silver MX5. The MOT (annual inspection for those overseas) had an advisory of the passenger wing/fender due to corrosion. Managed to source a replacement along with another front bumper for a

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JAE…An Unexpected Finish

The 1st September marked 4 years since my previous MX5 caught fire. On the 10th Sept it’ll also be 4 years since i got the Purple MX,wow how time flies! The weekend just gone saw the return of JAE (Japanese Auto Extravaganza), the UK’s only

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Fast Car Magazine Feature

Back in April you may remember I had a photoshoot for Fast Car Magazine The feature was published in the September Issue. I’m extremely happy with the write up and the photos are incredible! A big thank you to Matt Woods for the photos Here

Silver MX5 Gets A Hard Top

Not much to update car wise. The silver daily had its yearly inspection,all was well except it needed a steering rack gaitor and the handbrake adjusting. The bodywork was advised too which i knew about. Both rear arches need replacing along with the front wings/fenders.

Wales – A Supercharged Holiday

Me and the other half took a driving holiday to Wales back in July. Having always wanted to do a driving holiday,this seemed like a great opportunity. We had family who lived south of Merthyr Tydfil so we really got a chance of driving right

Graffiti Photoshoot

There aren’t that many exciting photo locations especially that are open,unattended and still look half decent. There’s a Pay and Display car park on the edge of the Norwich city centre that is the ‘go to’ spot for Graffiti artists. We all know suburban buildings

Overnight Parts from Japan Part 2

I’ve always been a sucker for fine details,even more so if its a rare JDM part. A friend received some parts from Yahoo Auction,i asked if one thing was for sale and it was certain it wouldn’t be as it’ll be going on his car.

DIY Air Filter Enclosure

Last year when i had my custom centre exit back box made by J’s Garage here in Norfolk,i popped over to my local track Snetterton to get the car decibel checked. I was told the exhaust would just scrape through but i wouldn’t pass the