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Silver MX5 Gets A Hard Top

Not much to update car wise. The silver daily had its yearly inspection,all was well except it needed a steering rack gaitor and the handbrake adjusting. The bodywork was advised too which i knew about. Both rear arches need replacing along with the front wings/fenders. Bumper may aswell be replaced as thats got some bad paint cracks.

I got messed around with a part that was for sale so put the money towards a hard top for the daily. Paint isn’t in great condition,but the whole car will be painted eventually.

I removed the stickers today,to find how poorly the hard top spoiler had been fitted. They’ve bonded on 3 brackets to the glass,one side was taped on…so that needs looking at

Also noticed some scratches on the glass just below these spoiler brackets,looks like either sanding or grinding marks?

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