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Mazdaspeed Mazdaspeed Mazdaspeed!

Browsing through the interweb looking at stuff when i get a notification pop up saying JDMParts.rupewrecht had posted an item. Followed the link and it was a Mazdaspeed Trap Timer.

I’ve only seen a handful of photos of this device and i missed out on one that Dan shared about 6 months ago. So we exchanged a few messages and had agreed for him to bid on it for me. We ended up winning it,it was expensive but who cares,you cant take money to the grave!

I spent the next few days and nights trawling through Yahoo Auctions for more stuff to buy (may aswell include more stuff in with the shipping!) After a week or so waiting for shipping they arrived on my doorstep today

Its all Mazdaspeed….I kinda got an addiction with the brand. Dan won be floor mats,horn push button and the trap timer.

Sadly no box for the Trap Timer but the original instructions were included which was a bonus. A big thank you to Randy over at MazdaRoadster for the translation he posted online a few years back,they were a great help!

I also managed to score a few items here in the UK too.

Oil Cap from Alan

Carbon Fibre Gear Shifter from Chris Horne

I also got a 360mm steering wheel from Chris. The steering wheel had seen better days but certainly looks like its been used well.

My original plan was to strip off the old dye and re-dye it using RevLimiter’s blog as a guide. Spoke to a couple of Leather Repair companies and nobody would touch it. Spoke to a local company called Moores Vehicle Trimming based 20mins away from me and they were happy to take on the task.

He quoted a very good price,so agreed and left my details thinking it was a restoration job,turns out it was a retrim…. winner! 9 days later and i receive a call to say it was ready for collection. They said they originally under estimated the duration of the job and it should have been alot more,but they stuck to their word and honoured the original price. Very happy with that and the quality of the work! Will certainly be using them again for any future work.

Here are some before and after:

And of course some photos with it all fitted


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