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JAE…An Unexpected Finish

The 1st September marked 4 years since my previous MX5 caught fire. On the 10th Sept it’ll also be 4 years since i got the Purple MX,wow how time flies!

The weekend just gone saw the return of JAE (Japanese Auto Extravaganza), the UK’s only 4 day jap show. It was also a year ago i had the running/ECU problems coming back from the same show. You’ll be glad to hear i made it there and back
with no issues :)

We went up with the club we always attend with,although attendance was very low this year,but we still had an awesome weekend. The week before the show i had one of the organizers ask for my car to be inside the hall for their Show & Shine

We stuck around till the end and watched the awards (couldnt get the car out any sooner). And to a huge surprise I ended up winning Best Mazda! Its great to finally see a reward for the work. A mag feature and trophey in one month is pretty awesome!

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