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Overnight Parts from Japan Part 2

I’ve always been a sucker for fine details,even more so if its a rare JDM part. A friend received some parts from Yahoo Auction,i asked if one thing was for sale and it was certain it wouldn’t be as it’ll be going on his car.

I happened to catch his latest photo on Instagram,and it was the part…and it was for sale! So after some discussion,i had purchased it.

AWD Dials <3

I’ve been craving a set of these dials since my first MX5 almost 6 years ago. The KG Works version crops up for sale now and again,but NEVER a set of these. So i was going to do my up-most to make sure i got my hands on them.

A few days later,i got a private message on Instagram from an American enthusiast,linking me to a For Sale topic for some gauge rings. So i followed the link,and a seller had some RS Refine gauge rings.

Straight away i messaged the seller showing my interest. A few messages later we struck a deal,it was a bonus that these were in the UK too! A few days later they arrived on my door step. I cleaned up the edges of old glue and gave the faces a polish,and proceeded to fit them to the newly acquired AWD dials.

I was blessed to have the AWD dials,but to have the RS Refine rings too,i couldn’t believe my luck!

Back in June i placed an order with Rev9 for a few parts. Unfortunately they were all made to order,which delayed everything. The import duty was the most expensive i’ve ever had to pay…but its worth it!

Garage Vary Rain Guard
Watanabe Centre Caps
Nielex Chrome Handbrake Cover
M2-1028 Replica Mirrors

The Quality and fitment of the Mirrors are excellent. They’re smaller than i had hoped as i know photos can be deceiving. Only driven the car a couple of miles late at night so can’t comment too much on visibility.

The Nielex Handbrake cover was a good decision to get. Again,fitment and quality is top notch as with all Rev9 products. Sadly it didn’t come with the sticker so i’ll have to get one made.

The Watanabes on the Silver daily have been crying out for centre caps ever since i bought them. Its amazing how much of a difference they make. Not much to say on these,except Watanabe \oo/

I’ll get round to fitting the Garage Vary rain guard soon,i don’t think thats going to be a quick job.

I’m off on a driving holiday in over a week’s time to Wales,i’m taking the Purple MX5 so expect lots and lots of scenic photos when i get back 😀

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