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Jass Performance Flush Lights

Jass Performance have been developing their flush headlights for awhile now. Yesterday i received the first set off the production line and fitted them to the Monster.

Fitment still needs tweaking on the corners. Please bare in mind my bonnet and bumper are FRP and the bumper is sagging abit,so fitment isnt as spot on to a stock car. Also my Intercooler pipe is sitting higher for some reason (another job to do)

Assembly was simple,took longer to align them in all honesty. The expansion bottle has to be moved back approx 5cm,all hardware and brackets are included.

The beam pattern is fine and hasn’t been effected. I’ve experienced zero drag or air turbulance from them. I cant see it being any different to when pop ups are up.

The Flush Lights are available to buy on their website


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