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HKS Inspired Livery

Y’know when you get an idea in your head,and you can’t tell if its going to be a good or bad idea…well…that may have happened.

Every year it seems i do something drastic with the car and its always a risk. I’ve had an idea about having a livery designed and fitted to the car for almost a year now. I contacted Tom at Infamous Creations (he’s done some awesome drift car designs for drivers across the globe) as i knew he’d be the guy to speak to.

A few months went by with ideas being thrown back and forth. I’ve always loved the HKS livery and knew that would be the one for MX5. So Tom drew out the pattern as a base and we built it from there. The design ended up looking like this:

I wasn’t too keen on my photography logo being as big as that,but that could be changed later on. I emailed a local graphics company (Unique Signs) with the render back in June 2016. We got the design sorted,the guys took lots of measurements and the graphics were fitted this week. I collected the car on Thursday (25th May) ready for the Modified Nationals show the following day.

After getting back from the show today (Sunday 28th May) i stopped off at a previous location i took for photos not long after i bought it

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