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RX7 FD3S Splitter Fitted & More!

Abit of an update

Went to the Spring Performance Action Day at Castle Combe

Went to Japfest at Silverstone a couple of weekends ago

Last year i was approached by a big UK Car Magazine. We’ve had to cancel the photoshoot 3 times due to the car keep breaking. All was looking good,so had the car valeted by a friend ready for the photoshoot. The weather was certainly on our side and i’m eagerly waiting for the issue to be published.

I’ve had one of Aran’s M45 inlets it sitting in the garage for about a year,it was time to finally fit it. While the supercharger was off i did an oil change and fitted a new belt and tensioners.

Also while the supercharger was off i replaced the L shaped hose inbetween the Waterpump inlet and metal joiner (which goes to the lower radiator hose) as i’m pretty certain thats the cause of my coolant leak.

You may remember in a previous blog post that i received a package from Japan. That was a brand new RX7 FD3S 99spec front splitter! I’ve seen one other car with it fitted on a Mazdaspeed bumper and i fell in love. It was a gamble as i didnt know what the fitment would be like.

With the original lip discontinued from Mazda,i had to improvise. Its far from perfect,its not the correct shape but i think i did a good job with getting it on.

As you can see,i didn’t fix the coolant leak :( I need the front crank seal,timing belt and waterpump changing so fingers crossed its waterpump related.

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