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Running Issue Found!

A little update

Did a compression test with the engine cold

Cyl 1 – 140
Cyl 2 – 120
Cyl 3 – 135
Cyl 4 – 120

I understand its low,but surely it should still fire on all 4?

I’ve sent the injectors to Clive at Autotronix who cleaned and flow tested them and they’ve come back fine.

Today (Sunday 16th) i refitted the injectors along with a replacement fuel rail and fuel pressure regulator. We tested the injector pulse with an LED,cylinders 1 and 3 pulse fine but 2 and 4 (the ones i’ve got problems with) are constantly on.

With the ECU removed,i got my friend to open it up and found one of the Injector Driver looked damage,see photo below


Above and to the left of the driver is abit brown so its gotten abit warm at some point. Reverant from MX5Nutz who built and supplied the Megasquirt ECU is looking into it and i’m waiting on a response 🙂

At least i’ve finally found the issue and hopefully have it sorted soon. Once its running again,i need to address the low compression and hope it hasn’t washed the bores too much

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