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The Monster’s 3rd Birthday

On the 10th September it was 3 years since i first got the car


Not much has happened recently with the cars,we went to Japanese Auto Extravaganza a week or so ago (UK’s largest Jap show)








On the way home from the show,the ONLY time i put my foot down (properly) the car decides to break down :frowning: A massive misfire and lots of smoke

Its currently running on 2 cylinders (1 and 3),i’ve changed the spark plugs,ignition leads,ignition coil and the cam angle sensor. I’ve checked the timing belt and it hasn’t slipped a tooth and the cams aren’t damaged. I’ve also tested the ignitor unit,igniton coil and leads off the silver car and still no change.

I’m yet to do a compression test (waiting on a friend to bring it round). All the injectors are working,there’s PLENTY of fuel but for some reason cylinders 2 and 4 aren’t sparking as good as they should be (plugs look brand new still).

Need to check all the wiring too as i’m sure thats the fault,but it doesn’t explain all of the smoke when it first happened? (oil getting past the piston rings or dropped valve possibly?!)

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