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MOT Pass!

Its been a busy few weeks with the new Silver project…

New Caliper
New Rear Brake Pads
New Handbrake cable
HIDs removed
Horn wired up
All broken interior trim replaced

While i was tidying up the wiring under the steering column (its got a black box with a loom attached,but most of the loom is bunched up and not connected) I caught the accelerator pedal and it happened to move alot more than usual.


It was cracked all the way along the plate,and only held on by the bend on the left (i snapped it off for ease of removal). What a ball ache that was to change!

While the rear wheel was off having the brakes sorted,i spotted these…


Looks like they haven’t moved in a long time,something else to look at sorting

It seems when ever i ‘browse’ eBay i end up spending money. Found a listing for some ‘Mazda MX5 Mk1 Alloys’,they had 4 bids at £102 ($136). Looking closer at the photos,the stamp in the centre was very distinguishable. I ended up winning them for £118 ($157)!

RS Watanabe 14×6 ET? (i’m guessing either 35 or 40) with 185/60 tyres (will need replacing)


Monday 1st August i took it for its MOT (yearly inspection for those over seas) and she passed with a couple of advisories

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