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Remap & Japshow Santa Pod

Package from Garagestar :D


In May my AEM wideband failed (gauge was stuck on 14.7) Got the car on the ramps and found out the plug had melted along with part of the loom. Fitted a new sensor and loom,but the gauge was reading leaner than normal. After trying a different gauge and taking the charger off to check for Manifold leaks,i was left scratching my head with no clue.


The car started to spit flames rather well (alot more than normal) after the exhaust started to blow from the front. I got the car booked in with Clive at Autotronix Developments for him to have a look. Clive diagnosed the blow was the flexi on the Fujitsubo manifold and welded in a straight piece. While it was on the ramp he checked the fuel filter,it still had japanese writing,so i’m gonna take a guess and say that hasn’t been changed in a LONG time. With some tweaks on the dyno and on the road the car was back to showing 12.4 AFR on WOT and runs awesome now.


Finally got round to tilting the diffuser up with the help from a friend


Sunday 10th July was Japshow at Santa Pod,i was invited along to be apart of the Fitment Junkies club stand. An awesome day despite the odd rain shower through out the day.

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We left early to beat the traffic,got 10mins out and stopped for fuel,where i discovered a flat tyre :( Theres a first time for everything! With the boot filled with cleaning and camera equipment,i didn’t have a spare. Ended up waiting 3hrs for my Dad to come deliver a pair of Rota RKRs so i could get home.

Moral of the story,carry a space saver….or get Recovery through the Bank/Insurance company


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