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New Project!

I happen to be browsing through eBay looking at parts and came across a listing for an MX5. Price was pretty good,but it needed some TLC,myself and the other half had talked about getting a joint project for awhile but it never really happened. I contacted the seller and arranged to view the car etc etc managed to knock him down on the price and got it trailored home last night.

Its a 1990 1.6 Import,cambelt and waterpump done approx 20k miles ago. Panels are pretty straight but the paint work has seen better days.

Its got a seized driver side rear caliper which i’m in the middle of sorting. Only other concern is the driver side rear arch has started to corrode quite badly (you’ll see in the photos below).

No real plans for this except tidy it up and get it MOT’d and on the road

28214350121_862273b76f_z 27676794054_1c0b4b2021_z 28214345691_46306d904b_z 27676786704_ac47258c54_z 28292862965_857c232c8b_z 28214334971_ffd9e2df17_z 28214325051_bae17123a5_z 28011377940_ab3d30a766_z 28258814006_499825f697_z 28292844845_7af8e560d8_z

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