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Tyre Stencils & LED Garage Vary Lights

It doesn’t sound like a massive job (or exciting) but i’ve fitted Electric Windows. The headache was trying to wire up the Mk2.5 switch to the Mk1 loom. With the help from Mazda-Menders,i got it sorted and with a Mk2 switch it works as it should.


My latest purchase was some LED Garage Vary lights from Rev9. Very easy install although i need to sort out the hyperblinking (my fault,i’ve connected the resistor incorrect)

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Also fitted some 6000k LED Number Plate and Reverse bulbs (also got the reverse light working again). I was struggling on ideas on what to do for the rear fog light,so i switched the wiring on the bootlid,and the 3rd brake light is now the Fog light.

Another purchase was some Tyre Stencils. After searching about for a decent paint that is long lasting,i settled for some Rubber Tyre Letters made by Tred Wear

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Extremely to fit,degrease the area,key the surface with course sand paper,clean tyre and glue the letters on

Here’s a video

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