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Custom Exhaust and Bigger Canards!

Made some new Canards,this time out of 2mm aluminium and 2mm steel for the brackets (previous ones were 0.8 aluminium for both). Made them abit bigger too,now i need to re-do the splitter and make that bigger too haha

25538671260_ea2f856d9d_z 25718414542_cae3022702_z

Had a change around with the hard top screen and purchased some slap stickers. Either the stickers are bigger than i thought or the screen is alot smaller than i thought,or both lol


I got my friend Jack from J’s Garage to fabricate a new exhaust,as the previous one was hidden and looked crap with the diffuser


25212707273_8f9b6f0922_z  25744183841_0728e09a2d_z 25813240996_67fc48f749_z

And a short video,its quite echoey,will sort out a better video at a later date

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