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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Custom Exhaust and Bigger Canards!

Made some new Canards,this time out of 2mm aluminium and 2mm steel for the brackets (previous ones were 0.8 aluminium for both). Made them abit bigger too,now i need to re-do the splitter and make that bigger too haha Had a change around with the

Track Day at Lotus

A couple of weekends ago i went to a track day at the Lotus Test Track. Incredible fun,the track is very windy and technical with a couple of nice straights. The car performed flawless,just a shame it was wet all day.

9j RKR and Alignment

Attended a local meet,someone had papped the Monster I finally got round to replacing the front Rota RKR 8js for some 9js The HSDs got fitted and bedded in,new RKRs fitted and then a full geometry done I’ve got the car booked in next week