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Custom AEM Gauge Faces & More!

While out driving i noticed some steam coming from the front of the car,originally thinking it was the car in front being abit smokey. After some inspection it was the hose coming off the Water Pump,i knew it was close to the manifold,but didnt realise it was touching. I’ve been lucky as its been like this for quite awhile and never had any issues.

Ordered a new hose and found out that the metal tubing from a vacuum cleaner is the exact same size! Sorted


You may remember Adam at RevLimiter making me some bespoke gauges with a Purple Monster logo and purple diamond stitch in the backgorund. I asked him if he could make me some for my AEM gauges. I sent over some templates and he’s done an incredible job as always!

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A week or so ago i met up with a few MX5 owners for our monthly midnight meet. Took the camera with me,would have been rude not to take some photos of the ‘ol gal

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I do my best to keep on top of things,but sadly one thing that has always been neglected and thats the Coilovers. I’ve never cleaned them,never greased them or serviced them. When i adjusted them a month or so ago,i think i’ve buggered up the pre-load and it knocks on the passenger side. Good excuse to buy some news one ‘ey?


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