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New Steering Wheel,Lotus Diffuser & Wing Stands Painted

My other half bought me a new steering wheel for Christmas,was a good excuse to order some new bolts too

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Just before Christmas i headed over to a local company that sells spares and performance parts for Lotus. I guess a perk of where i live is the Lotus factory isn’t too far either. I asked to look at their available diffusers as i wasn’t 100% happy with the DIY one i had made. So i drove away with their GT3 diffuser,just so happens to be the largest diffuser they do.



As i’ve said in the previous posts,i hold my hands up to the Aero not being functional,and that it is mainly for aesthetics

I’ve also rounded the corners off the Garage Star Wing Stands and had them powder coated Gloss Black


I’ve also re-made the Wing>Wing Stand brackets to tilt it abit more (for those extra scene points yO)

24298253595_379b2490d8_z 24002613270_926500c78d_z

Two track days booked,one at the Lotus Test Track in February and then my local Track Snetterton in April

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