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Purple Monster….Ready For Take Off!

For a number of months i’ve been thinking about changing the look of the Monster. Dont get me wrong,it looked great but for me i felt it wasn’t getting the recognition it deserved. Whether this new look will improve that or not,who knows!

Life is all about taking chances,and i knew if i didn’t i’d regret it


I’ve always loved the BGW look but wasn’t sure it would suit the car. For me the car was half way there being aggressive (GV Bonnet,Wide Arches etc). So i took it one step further and ordered a Garage Star Wing! Accompanied with a DIY rear diffuser,DIY front splitter and DIY Canards.

Its very in your face and ‘shouty’. About 90% of people so far hate it and are telling me i’ve ruined a ‘perfect car’. The monster has had the same look for 2 years now,its time to spice things up abit!


The wing took alot of fettling to get right,and with dodging the bad weather it did take a couple of weeks to finally piece it all together. With the addition of the Tension Cables,its definately stopped the wing from swaying while driving. Can’t say i’ve noticed a huge difference in performance as i’ve rarely had the chance to drive it ‘properly’.

Since the photos the Coilovers have been adjusted,the front has gone lower 10mm and the rear has been raised 5mm. The Work Meisters catch on the back,i’m hoping the small raise will be enough clearance. The other option was to swap the tyres from the Rotas,but that meant having abit of stretch.



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