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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Coilovers Adjusted & //WORK Wheels Back On

Finally got round to adjusting the coilovers (lowered the front 10mm and raised the rear 5mm). The Works were catching on the rear arches,rather than fitting new tyres (going from a 205/50 to a 195/50) it was easier to raise it. So the Works went

Purple Monster….Ready For Take Off!

For a number of months i’ve been thinking about changing the look of the Monster. Dont get me wrong,it looked great but for me i felt it wasn’t getting the recognition it deserved. Whether this new look will improve that or not,who knows! Life is

Care Packages from the U.S

Recently received a number of packages from the U.S. The first was from RevLimiter with some retro inspired items Next up was a package from Garage Star,this included a pair of Door Bushings and a Thermostat Sandwich plate (not pictured)   I also received a