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Package from RevLimiter

Back in November i sent Adam @ RevLimiter a message about some custom dials. I knew what i wanted but it was difficult to transmit that pen and paper. Do i go something Grim Reaper related (to go with the username) or do i go with a Purple Monster theme? I couldnt find any images that helped or inspired,so one night i drew a design up in Photoshop. Not having done this before,it didnt turn out too bad,especially the colouring!

So i sent the logo over to Adam and he loved it! A few ideas were thrown back and forth and we finally settled for this design.


Here are some photos that Adam took,he seems to take them alot better lol







The Purple Diamond Stitch is a great reference to the leather retrim in the interior





Illumination was also a key factor. The purple numbers and white needles is a great combo IMO,i think being all purple would have been too much.

I wanted the logo to just illuminate on the Rev Gauge,and the text on the other. Again,Adam has done an amazing job!




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