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Air Filter Relocation

I noticed an oil leak since the supercharger had its oil change. The drain/fill plug was dry and tight,but it was coming from the side. Took the Outlet off and this was the gasket


At the time of fitting the Charger I only had really thin gasket paper (that’s all we sold at work at the time). Remade them with the new thicker paper and so far its cured the leak.

Next on my to-do list was to fit the Harness Eyelets I’ve had kicking about for awhile. In prep for the next track day (when ever that will be)


I’ve re-made the radiator slam panel in a thicker Aluminum and painted it with Black Stone Chip and lacquered.


I haven’t been happy with the current location for the Air Filter. Being next to the Manifold and Charger wasn’t any help,so I relocated it.

On my last 5 I did a very similar thing with the Turbo except the filter came from the side.

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And a couple of photos from a recent Classics Meet

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