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Package from Jass Performance

Pulled the Monster apart again,this time ready to fit the Oil Sandwich Plate and do an oil change

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Got the Oil Temp sensor plumbed and working fine 🙂 Its gonna take awhile to get use to reading it in Fahrenheit rather than Celsius.

The backbox had been rattling for a number of months so finally got round to ordering a new one from I.L Motorsport. Abit disappointed the silence box has started to tarnish from the heat,i guess theres nothing that can prevent that 🙁


Received an order from Jass Performance too

Needle Caps


Oil dipstick handle


Last but not least,my custom engraved Sill Covers. The photos don’t do these justice,these are incredible!

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The other half and her sister have just bought a car together,i had zero influence on the decision….honestly!


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