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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Double Trouble

The other half has been talking about getting a convertible for the Summer (seems to be a couple of days during the year and that’s it). I went with them to look at a Mk1 MX5 which was advertised on GumTree. The Car is mechanically

Air Filter Relocation

I noticed an oil leak since the supercharger had its oil change. The drain/fill plug was dry and tight,but it was coming from the side. Took the Outlet off and this was the gasket At the time of fitting the Charger I only had really

Package from Jass Performance

Pulled the Monster apart again,this time ready to fit the Oil Sandwich Plate and do an oil change Got the Oil Temp sensor plumbed and working fine 🙂 Its gonna take awhile to get use to reading it in Fahrenheit rather than Celsius. The backbox