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New AEM Gauges

For awhile I’ve been thinking about some more gauges,but the issue was on where to put them. The current AFR gauge was in a pod on top of the steering column cowl. I did start making a gauge pod in the air bag awhile ago,but they point towards the roof (not ideal). I couldn’t find a RHD A-Pillar pod either,i could get one made but it would work out a lot of money.

So I ended up swapping out the double din JVC to a single din and putting the gauge panel above the radio.

I also painted the radio and gear surrounds Gloss White to tie in the roll cage,wheels and engine bay.

I just need to fit the oil sandwich plate to get the Oil Temp gauge working



Also added these,i know its not to everyone’s tastes,but then again,neither is the whole car to some lol


Recently I was tagged in a Facebook page that sells those dress up kits. But his counter sunk washers have names engraved. So I bought a couple of packs to test and try out


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And some photos from a couple of local meets/shows

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