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//WORK Wheels get Rubber

After the track day I noticed the charger’s whine didn’t sound right. After changing various bits and pieces,i found that one of the bolts holding the bracket to the engine had worked itself loose and stripped the thread. You could rock the charger back and forth on the mount,ooops!

With the head re-tapped and some new bolts and the strongest Stud Lock I could find,its now back on solid!

After the track day I needed abit more support,i was trying to push myself into the seat around the corners and ended up having bad back ache for a few days after.

So I was on the hunt for a cheap bucket seat. This Sparco Sprint V seat appeared on ebay and I got it for a decent price. Knowing the stock seat runner fits with minor adjustment,i knew it was worth paying abit more for that


It didn’t take long to get the runner modified and bolted on


The Uniroyal Rainsport 3 205/50/15 tyres had arrived for the works and were fitted. At this point the car was back in the bodyshop to have the wide arches fitted along with a few other parts fitted/sprayed.



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