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Going back to its roots

I’m sure everyone on here has dreamt of owning a particular car/car part. Ever since I’ve been involved with modified cars,i’ve always fallen in love with one particular alloy wheel.

I promised myself that one day I hope I could be so lucky to own such a wheel. So I bit the bullet and ordered them,knowing they’re custom made to order,the waiting time would be an absolute killer and it seemed a lot longer than it actually was.

So after a 12 week wait and numerous emails sent bugging Rich at Driftworks,i finally took delivery of them!

//WORK Meister S12P 15x9j ET0 in Gloss White

The other half treated me to some Wide Arches from Fast5 for Christmas,so this was going to be a killer combo!

16378164206_86f8200275_z 15781666784_a2e65502f5_z 15827139194_e046b3907b_z

After speaking to the original owner (Richard) of the Purple Monster and looking back on some old photos,coupled with watching some Initial D,i wanted to ‘try’ and go down a slightly different route. The car has a (what i think) a USDM look,but i wanted to go down the Import look. Now after doing some searching it seems the MX5s in Japan are either near stock looking,or they’re all out with big body kits,spoilers etc etc

Now this is gonna be difficult as i’ve already got the body work how i wanted it. So i set to start making some small changes. The first one being some new Show Plates. I thought it would be awesome to replicate the licence plate the Monster had while it was in Japan. So i came up with this:


I’ve been searching for a Garage Vary bonnet ever since i had the previous MX5. I had missed out on countless chances,but i finally managed to get my hands on one!

Another reason why i wanted one so much,was because the Monster had one,when it was over in Japan


The JDM parts search was still ongoing and I managed to find a Dcuatro Light Cover and Zoom Fuel Cap (again,the car had these parts fitted while over in Japan)



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