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Garage Vary landed!

If your a member of the Nutz forum you may recall a topic about being scammed by James Sommerin of Miata Speed Shop in Cornwall. This nasty ‘human being’ (if you can call him that) scammed me of almost £300 for a replica Garage Vary light panel. Long story short,he got arrested, emitted fraud and has been sentenced for 2 years in prison (not long enough in my opinion!)

While that was going on,i was lucky enough to jump on a group buy by Rev9 for a genuine panel


I attend a show in Peterborough every year called Modified Nationals. I had tried my luck with the Show & Shine which I received a place in the Top 50 outside the main Exhibition Hall. On the Saturday morning I received a phone call saying I had been allocated a spot inside the hall! This was big news!


I didn’t win anything over the weekend,but the experience of being next to the top cars in the UK was certainly enough! The car received a lot of attention and plenty of good feedback,but that wasn’t it for the ’92 Roadster.

Next batch of purchases were some Billet Wiper and Light stalks


Followed by some Carbon Fibre door handle cups,polished door pulls and KG Works door handles


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