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End of Season Over Haul

By this point the car show season had finished and the car was ready to under-go some winter surgery.

The car got dropped off at H&S Performance and the engine was pulled out. The car was then dropped off at AutoDoc Bodyshop for the main work to begin. While the car was in the bodyshop,the guys at H&S Performance did a full service of the engine while it was out.

Spark Plugs
Oil/Oil Filter/Sump Plug
Cambelt & tensioners
Thermostat & Coolant Sensor
Painted Upper and Lower Thermostat Housings
Painted Inlet Manifold with Throttle Body
Painted Rocker Cover
Painted Cambelt Cover
Engine Block Painted

The car was finished and dropped back off at H&S where more parts were fitted along side the re-fitting of the engine.

Clutch Slave Cylinder
Alloy Radiator
Eunos Racing Development Silicone Radiator Hoses
New Expansion Bottle
New Washer Bottle
Polished Oil Cap
Polished Plug Cover
Stainless Fusebox Cover
Painted Radiator Panel cover
Painted Scuttle Panel Cover
Countersunk Purple Washers and Bolts


It was a BIG risk choosing a white engine bay,but I felt the car needed a bright engine bay colour to compliment the darker exterior purple.

At the beginning of the year at Autosport International,i was surrounded by 5s with turbos,superchargers and ITBs. I promised myself I wasn’t going to touch the engine to keep it as reliable as possible. Well…by the end of the weekend I had convinced the other half that I wanted to go down the forced induction route again. At the time the project was going well,and the only thing that let it down was the engine bay.

With the calendar jam packed with shows and meets it was difficult to find time to do the work. So I spent 11 months researching on what I wanted to do and how to do it. I had already did a Turbo conversion with the previous 5,so I decided to go down the Supercharger route. The thought of instant power with incredible low end torque was more than enough to convince me!

So it seems the Eaton M45 from a Mini Cooper S was the popular choice to fit,so the search for one began. Having just missed one on eBay that had covered 25k and being the later generation with teflon blades,it went for £450 delivered. At least i knew this was the kind of money region i was looking at for a unit.

Then i happened to stumble across a For Sale advert on Facebook for one. I dont think i could have sent a message to the seller quick enough! After a few messages back and forth,i had managed to secure myself a Charger that had only covered 19 delivery miles (yes,you did read that correct). It was removed due to a damaged pulley,which by looking at the photos was some-what repairable anyway. Included was a second throttle body with blanking plates and dual cable throttle wheel,all for the sum of £140.00 delivered!


Amongst the vast amount of research i found Aran and Taffylude’s build threads on Nutz,who both kindly documentated everything including where to buy it and the costs. This was the perfect Guide for a novice like myself! Massive thanks to them both!

So i took the Charger to work to give it a good clean,removing the PTO and making a blanking plate. At this point i also cut the mounting lug off and blanked the breather port next to it.


RX8 420cc Injectors purchased,these worked great on the turbo build and will help give me some extra ponies. These were sent off to BLiNK Motorsport to be cleaned/flow tested/new seals. They did an incredible job and had a very fast turn around,highly recommend them!


As the weather was good,i got some painting done. I wanted a pretty basic looking engine bay,almost OEM,so i went for the classic Wrinkle Black finish. I ended up painting the Inlet Manifold,both Throttle Bodies,Radiator Slam Panel,Wiper Scuttle Panel and Thermostat Housing. Sadly i’ve only got a photo of the Throttle Body at the time (the rest can be seen in the engine bay photos above)


Coupled with a TR Lane kit,KAVs 15% reduction pulley and modified by-pass valve,it was all ready to be assembled


I took the week off work to fit everything,with no previous experience with superchargers I got it all fitted over 5 days


Law came over and he road mapped it to her running safely on boost. A few weeks later I popped over to his and we got the BMW VTPS fitted and calibrated.

First impressions on it supercharged,WOW! My god is the power delivery incredible! I had never been in a supercharged car let along drive one,i knew I wouldn’t get bored of this!


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