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Cage & New Intercooler Set Up

I’ve had my TR Lane cage powder coated for awhile, finally got around to fitting it

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Which meant I could finally fit the Carbon Miata seat belt extenders too smile


I’ve been meaning to do an Over The Rad Intercooler set up for awhile (I should have done it at the beginning really). Managed to get everything off eBay for a reasonable price


With some help from H&S Performance (as always,a flawless job!) they moved the radiator and fitted the new set up (inc getting the IAT boss welded).

Today I made a new slam panel and tensioner cover. With the old tensioner cover,i think the water was coming up underneath causing the tensioners to corrode. I’ll see if this helps,fingers crossed it does smile

Just need to paint both covers,but I ran out of time 🙁

18895734095_4dd581a68e_z 18708022678_cbf9837353_z 18275052613_2f85639955_z







I made a eyelet in the corner of the cover and used the bracket on the PAS hose to connect both. I used a spare top hat spacer from the seatbelt to space the gap. Its nice and solid now with no movement.

Just realized I left my ratchet on the top mount…oops!


18707996988_c1b54fe3e7_z 18869413276_f4f4882fdb_z


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