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New to Punks but I’ve been around the MX5 community for a few years now. I wont bore you with all the previous cars and i’ll try and keep this short (which may become difficult as the car has gone through quite a lot of changes/events)

After my previous Mk1 caught on fire (braided oil cooler hose arcing against the Alternator live) I needed a clean Mk1 shell to start again. I got in contact with the Cribbs who had a mint shell with a lot of history.

The car is an ex-touge car from Japan with very low mileage for the age. A couple of weeks later James and James delivered the car to myself in Norfolk,where the project went full steam ahead!

I transferred the Carbon Fibre panels,HSD Coilovers, and Jass Performance Lo-Pro Headlights over. Bought some Japan Racing alloys to make it look half tidy too smile

8 days of ownership and my Neighbour opposite decides he wanted to reverse into the side of it,early one Wednesday morning.

The turbo kit got sold from the previous car,and the car got treated to a full respray while the insurance work was being done. I kept it the same colour Purple as it was in Japan,to keep with the name the original owner gave her,The Purple Monster.



By this point,the TR Lane GPD roll cage was re-fitted along with a couple of purchases in the way of a Forte front bumper,Side Skirts,Dual Backbox,RevLimiter Stiring Gauge Faces,Gotta Dash Classic facia and some Traklite Apex Alloy Wheels

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A Mk2 Dashboard made its way into the interior of the car along with a carpet set and all the plastic trims that were missing. The car was now taking place and was starting to look like a car now smile

MX5Nutz asked me to ‘officially’ unveal the car at Autosport International,who could turn down an opportunity like that? Being my first proper event with Nutz it was great to meet and spend the weekend with some amazing people!

Not long after Autosport the car was booked in for a leather retrim. I wanted something abit different with a kind of classic twist to it. So I came up with this…



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    Awesome post 😀 love the back history of your car, and looking forward to more!

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