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Monthly Archives: June 2015

New AEM Gauges

For awhile I’ve been thinking about some more gauges,but the issue was on where to put them. The current AFR gauge was in a pod on top of the steering column cowl. I did start making a gauge pod in the air bag awhile ago,but

Cage & New Intercooler Set Up

I’ve had my TR Lane cage powder coated for awhile, finally got around to fitting it Which meant I could finally fit the Carbon Miata seat belt extenders too I’ve been meaning to do an Over The Rad Intercooler set up for awhile (I should

Bonus Photos from Banzai

I also had the CD of photos from the Banzai Magazine photoshoot come through the post today. Here are some shots that didn’t appear in the magazine (and some that did)  

Banzai Magazine Feature

Back in April when I had the car valeted,it was for a special occasion At the weekend of Japfest the newest of Banzai Magazine was on sale,and a particular MX5 made an appearance Over the moon doesn’t describe how I’m feeling! A big thank you

Fresh New Look

The car came out of the body shop shortly after and the facelift was finished Wide Arches from Mazdaspeed Bumper Dcuatro Light Cover Garage Vary Bonnet colour coded Garage Vary Tail Lights adjusted/modified //Work Meister S1 15x9j ET0 Uniroyal Rainsport3 205/50/15 In April I

//WORK Wheels get Rubber

After the track day I noticed the charger’s whine didn’t sound right. After changing various bits and pieces,i found that one of the bolts holding the bracket to the engine had worked itself loose and stripped the thread. You could rock the charger back and

Track Day at Snetterton

I’ve always wanted to a track day,so I bit the bullet and got one booked through Track Action Online at my local track,Snetterton. Arriving full of nerves and worry I headed out on track for the sighting laps and then a quick novice session before

Going back to its roots

I’m sure everyone on here has dreamt of owning a particular car/car part. Ever since I’ve been involved with modified cars,i’ve always fallen in love with one particular alloy wheel. I promised myself that one day I hope I could be so lucky to own

A road trip to Skuzzle Motorsport

In January 2015 I did a 400+ mile round trip to visit Nick at Skuzzle Motorsport. Although Law did an incredible job road mapping,there were a few areas that needed ironing out. Nick worked his magic and within half a day the car was done!

End of Season Over Haul

By this point the car show season had finished and the car was ready to under-go some winter surgery. The car got dropped off at H&S Performance and the engine was pulled out. The car was then dropped off at AutoDoc Bodyshop for the main